About Us


What is Thusanang and why does it matter at all ?

Thusanang Educational Network is an online based system (social network) created to help secondary and high school students connect and help each other with school work. The platform has features of a typical social network- that is: Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) content in a form of posts, Comment, Like, Save content, Follow other users, Edit user profiles and many more. In essence Thusanang carries within it all hallmarks of a social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, BUT with an intent of education. The app offers a variety of features, tools and options that enable learners to tailor their messages (posts). It also has resources such as books, question papers, publications and tutorial videos which learners can easily download to their devices. Further, the platform has pre-configured communities or groups, in which students can participate in.


Incredible Features

With this platform each user has their own account on which they can perform all basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete ) functions. Each user has full control on their account and their privacy is guarenteed.


Friendly Support

If you ever encounter a problem while using the platform, Thusanang team is a message, phonecall away from helping you solve the issue. Please do let us know... we want you to have the best experience as possible.


The Best Interface

Thusanang Graphical User Interface (GUI), is a state of the art responsive website with the ability to change layouts on different devices... Reading this on your phone? Try us on your laptop ...


Want to learn a little more about THUSANANG and how it was created ?

Give me a call and let us chat about this amazing idea and how you can make your own platform like this one... You might have an amazing idea, i have all the coding skills you need. So head over to the contact page, find my degits and contact me !


Do you want to join us in improving this platform ?

Click here , you will be redirectd to the contact page where you will find contact information Or send a raven.

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